CARMIの第2弾ZINEが完成しました!”Roses where are you going?” New zine just got printed!

グラフィックデザイナーのCarlyと 写真、映像作家のMayumiがチームで制作するZINEの第2弾が完成しました! 今回は、カーリーがモデルで、バラ園の中を駆け抜けていく女の子として登場します。Mayumiは写真と押し花のコラージュで参加しています。

タイトルはRoses where are you going?”

実はこのZINEは、今年作った第1弾より前、2015年、MayumiとCarly の出会いとなった撮影からの写真で構成されています。



このZINEは、11月18、19日に東京目黒区のMOUNT Tokyoで開催されるZINEのイベント、MOUNT ZINE 14に出展されます! その後、25、26日には香港のHong Kong Open Print Shopで開催されるHong Kong Zine Fest 2017に出展されます!私は今まで香港に行ったことがないのでどんな感じかわかりませんが、楽しみです!

イベント出展後は、MOUNT Tokyoのショップとオンラインショップで販売されます!ぜひ、見てみてください!

The second piece of ZINE which  Carly and Mayumi made as the team CARMI was completed! This time, Carly is a model, she will appear as a girl running through the rose garden. Mayumi is participating with the collages of photos and pressed flowers(Oshibana).

title is  “Roses where are you going?”

Actually, the photos for this zine were taken in 2015, back when Mayumi and Carly first met.  Mayumi was looking for a model for her project and Carly came. she was just starting to live in Japan at the time.

The images from the ZINE are expressions of  my longing to reach for the mysterious things like nature, girl,  that I do not fully understand.

When we met Carly told me she is  a graphic designer who loves Japanese culture and like to do something creative things. so I’d like to do something together! since then we have been going out and collaborating together!

This ZINE will be exhibited at MOUNT ZINE 14, an event for zine lovers at MOUNT Tokyo in Tokyo Meguro Ward on November 18th and 19th!

After that, it will be exhibited at Hong Kong Zine Fest 2017 in  Hong Kong Open Print Shop on 25th and 26th! I have never been to Hong Kong before,  I do not know how it feels, but I am looking forward to it!

After the event exhibition, the ZINE will be  at MOUNT Tokyo’s shop and online shop! Please take a look!

MOUNT ZINE 14 ・Hong Kong ZINE Fest 2017

Hong Kong ZINE Fest 2017